How to Feel Your Best this Year: 5 Tips to Keep your Energy Balanced and Grounded in 2024

Keep the Same Energy

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 Whether you've been practising self-care for years or you're looking to introduce some moments of calm to your day in 2024, here are some tips that will help you recharge and feel good this year.

1. Journalling

There's nothing better than settling down after a long day and releasing all your feelings into a journal. Journalling has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and depression and improve your mental health. Journalling is a great way to track how you're feeling and can help improve positive self-talk which helps you feel more confident and improves self-esteem. So if you're having an incredible day or are struggling through a depressive episode, pull out some paper and a pen and write it down. You can also find great prompts to help you discover more about yourself.

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2. Aromatherapy

So it's no secret, we love essential oils and their incredible benefits. Not only do essential oils smell dreamy, they are able to boost our mood, reduce stress and anxiety and help us sleep. It can be hard to know where to start with so many essential oils out there, so why not check out our collection of aromatherapy grade essential oil candles, with beautifully blended essential oils for every mood.

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3. Move your body

Whether this looks like dancing to a banging tune, cleaning your house, going on a walk, doing yoga or intense weights training, as long as you're moving your body you'll be boosting your mental health and reducing your risk of disease. For some, exercising can be challenging, so don't push yourself, a little movement each day can really help you feel good.

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 4. Nature

Spending time around nature is known to make us feel good. From helping you feel grounded to soothing your racing mind, nature really is incredible. From beaches to forests and parks to gardens, find a space where you can escape busy streets and observe the wildlife around you. Ecotherapy, as it's known, is proven to boost your mental health and overall wellness, so, if you can, get out in nature and see how your mind and body thank you.

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5. Meditation

For you, meditation might look like daily prayers, a moment of time reflecting on your day or doing breath-work and a guided practice. However you choose to practice it, taking a moment or two every day to focus your mind, practice gratitude and re-centre yourself can make you uplifted and happy. 

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Whatever self-care looks like for you this year, remind yourself that all emotions are welcome. So, whether you're having a tough day or a great one, honour how your feeling, remind yourself you're loved and do something each day that brings you joy!